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Waste Pro Rewards is a community based program that gives rewards to its residents encouraging them to recycle on a more consistent basis. The resident will keep access to all the great discounts and offers as long as they are recycling each month. The door to the rewards will close once the resident has not held up to their part of the bargain. This program was created as a WIN WIN WIN WIN situation. Your residents WIN by saving hundreds of dollars each year if participating regularly. Your local businesses WIN by getting additional traffic and being able to advertise for free on the website. Your municipalities WIN by stimulating the local economy and increasing recycling rates. The environment WINs by protecting our natural resources.
To activate your account just click the ACTIVATE tab towards the top of your screen and put in your information to get started. Just a few quick and easy steps before you are a member of your recycling community. If you are already a member click the LOGIN tab and keep checking in for new and updated rewards!!